How to Fix Replication or Save Conflicts in Lotus Notes?

To understand the issues of replication and conflicts occur in Lotus Notes and resolve you must have to know the concept of Replication.

What is Replication?

IBM Lotus Notes allows the Notes databases to synchronize between different computers and these machines stored the local synchronized copy of the database. This process of database synchronization is known as replication.

Advantages of Replication:

  1. It allows the users to work in a database in offline mode when the user does not connect with the internet or with a server. It helps to create mail, editing mail, replying mail, delete and reorganizing mail. These changes made in the local database will get synchronized when user get connected to the server.
  2. Any database can be replicated so that the user gets access to read it.
  3. The replication method is faster as compared to using database on-line. Different databases can be synchronized between themselves.

What is Replication conflicts?

When there are two or more than two users edit or modify the single document and changes made get saves in different replicas between replication process. The following points how Domino server manages and saves these editing sessions:

  • The most edited document and the one which is saved more number of times is considered as main document and the other edited documents is called as replication or save conflict documents.
  • If all the users edit and save the documents the same number of times, then the most recently saved document is considered as the main document and the other later saved the document is known as Replication or save conflict documents.
  • In one replica, a document is edited but in another replica, it is deleted then the precedence of deletion becomes more until unless the document edited becomes more than once or the document editing occurs after the deletion.

What is save Conflicts?

The situation when two or more than two users open the same document and edit that document at the same time and on the same server, they may edit the same or different fields of the document is known as Save Conflicts. In that situation, the document which is saved firstly becomes the main document. A dialog box appears to indicates that the user saves a document from conflicting before the other second document gets saved. When the user saves it, the documents become the Replication or save conflict documents.

How to fix or prevent replication or save conflicts?

The following methods or techniques fixes or minimizes replication or save conflicts:

  • To merge conflicts into one single document automatically if no fields on document conflict with each other. And it is applicable only to replication conflicts and not to save conflicts.
  • To write a custom conflict handler, use LotusScript
  • Grant users to lock documents of a database.
  • To make the edited documents automatically a new document, specify a form property for versioning.
  • From the database ACL, assign Author access or less to users so that avoid and protect the document from the editing of other users.
  • There may be a case that the database property of Limit entries in $Revisions fields is set a value higher than 0, then you can increase that value from the existing one or you can remove the limit by putting there the value -1.
  • Keep in contact with an administrator of server and work together so as to create the minimum number of replicas.


In the above article, we have discussed the concept of Replication. By using this technique of replication, multiple users can edit the same document in a single copy of database simultaneously or can edit the same document from different replicas of a database. In such situation, Domino server treats and stores one edited document in the main document and all other edited documents as a response document. This article explains how the Replication and Save conflicts situation take place and how to fix or eliminates it.

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