Lotus Notes Log File Location - Archive & Reduce Size of Log File

What is Lotus Notes Server Log.nsf File?

Whenever you first start the IBM Domino server, the log file is automatically created at the default location and stored with extension log.nsf file. This log nsf file has a reports for all server activity and gives detailed information about databases and all users on the server.

Default Location of lotus notes log.nsf file

Default Location of Lotus Notes Log File is: C:\Program Files\IBM\Notes\Data

lotus notes log file location

What Information does Lotus Notes log file store?

Complete details of IBM Lotus Domino server activities can be placed here like:

  • Database size and usage: Log file exhibits all activities performed on all databases by giving complete details about size and space used by each database.
  • Phone call details: Stores all the calls made and received.
  • Private and Public key: Keys information also get stored into log.nsf file.
  • Replication session: Stores all the replication events taken place between servers.

How to control the size of log.nsf file?

As we know log file records all the information of IBM Lotus Domino System so log file can become large, here it is important to manage the size of log file. It can be done automatically by using NOTES.INI settings, users preferences and other settings.

Using NOTES.INI file for log settings determines how long documents are maintained before being deleted from the log file. By default documents are deleted after 7 days.

While troubleshooting any system problem you will have to record all additional information in the log file and this log.nsf file becomes large rapidly if you set a higher logging level for purposes of analyzing system problem.

What additional information can be recorded in lotus domino log file?

  1. Mail Routing-Go to Logging level on router/smtp>Advanced>Control tabs of the configuration settings
  2. Modem I/O - Go to File >Preferences>User Preferences >Ports >COMx >Trace
  3. Modem Script I/O - File >Tools> Prefernces > Notes Preferences > Ports > COMx > Trace >Options
  4. Traced Network Connections - In the Port setup dialog box, set com port option
  5. Web Navigator - Go to Retriever log level from server tasks - web retriever tab of the server document.
  6. Web server - Other additional information about the web server is logged in Domino Web Server Log.

How to view the log.nsf file?

Use Web Administrator to open the domino server log file and follow the below given steps to view log nsf file:

  • Open the IBM Lotus Domino Administrator, click on server and go to Analysis Tab
  • Choose the server which have the log file you want to view.
  • Click on Notes Log.
  • Click the desired view.
  • Open the desired file or document.

How to archive log.nsf automatically?

Generally, log.nsf file contains the activities of 7-14 days. To keep all information or activities even after 7-14 days in the log file, you will have to setup archive agent which is running on the server.

Following are the steps for Archive settings:

  • Right click on the log.nsf database, go to database and click on properties.
  • Click on Archive settings.
  • In the Advanced tab section, select automatically on server.
  • In basic tab, entry after X days and locate the directory where you want to store the log.nsf.
  • Edit the server program in the names.nsf

    log.nsf- A

Two benefits on archiving log.nsf file are:

  • Reduce the log.nsf file size
  • All activities and events can be recorded as long as you will want.

Log.nsf - database is corrupt

One of the dreaded error message shown by Domino Console is:

It will display the following message:

File 'D:\Lotus\Domino\Data\Log.nsf' is CORRUPT - Now Read Only!
Cannot Write to log file: Database is corrupt - Cannot allocate space.

Errors will not be seen in Notes Log file because it has stopped accepting more entries but it will be shown again and again on the console.

When it occurs, first you will have to stop the Domino server and rename the old log.nsf file like log30102015.nsf after that you can start the domino server which could solve the immediate issue. One of the main reason to occur this error is the lack of disk space on the server. To free up space, the server is needed to be stopped.


From above information, we came to know that Lotus Notes log file plays an important role in IBM Lotus Domino system. To prevent it from corruption, the log.nsf size should be controlled but as we have mentioned it can be archive to make record all info.

An Expert Advice:

“According to my experience, it is very difficult to understand and deploy all features of IBM Lotus Notes for a non-technical person. Instead of notes, if users prefer outlook as their mailing client, they can easily manage their data there. If you are a Notes user then to access Notes database in Outlook, convert NSF to PST file format.”