Lotus Notes Signature Location, Add, Remove and Know Error Solution

What is email signature in Lotus Notes?

An Email signature is a block of text which is affixed at the end of an email or message sender send. Generally, a signature is used to describe the details like name of sender, email address, company official contact or URL to recipients.

Location of Lotus Notes Signature File:

The signature file can be stored anywhere on Local computer, but user should prefer to store it on Notes Data directory for their convenience.

What does Signature File stores?

The signature file stores the text or code which is used to create senders details in txt, html format. It simply contains the text which provides the information about senders to recipients with an email messages.

How to add signature to emails in Lotus Notes?

  1. Open Notes. Click on File → Preferences.
  2. Select Mail option from left side.
  3. Click on Signature tab.
  4. Select “Automatically append signature to bottom of outgoing mail messages.”
  5. Select any one from Rich text, Plain text or HTML or image file to format your signature. For any help click ? Icon.
  6. Enter the information text in signature field.
  7. You can also add rich text such as graphics, Attachments. Click T control.
  8. To include imported contacts, select Append vCard to Signature.

How to remove signature from email in Lotus Notes?

This signature can be changed at any time by following the above steps and defining new signature. The signature can be removed by clearing the option “Automatically append a signature to bottom of outgoing mail messages”. The information stored in vCard can also be updated with new version.

How to apply different signature or no signature?

Notes user can use different signature from the file, Whether they have not set a default signature. Following are the steps to use signature from a file:

  1. If you are using signature from a file, the file should be saved to your computer and the file format must be a txt, html, jpeg, bitmap or any gif file. The signature file can reside anywhere on your computer but user may have wish to store file in Notes Data directory for easy accessing.
  2. Click on Signature button on the mail you are composing.
  3. Do any one of the following:
    • Select No signature.
    • Choose New signature from file and browse to select signature file.

Error: “Access to data denied” or “File does not exist”

When does this error occur?

In IBM Lotus Notes, if user click on New memo button for sending an email, then at that time the memo form displays any of the following error message:
-“File does not exist”
- “Access to data denied”
-“Drive is not ready”

Why does this error occur?

The above stated errors can occurs if the signature preference setting is “HTML or Image file” or the reason may be also that the signature file cannot be located.


This issue somewhat can be solved by changing the signature preference setting to “text”.

The signature file can also be disabled by following below given steps:

  1. Go to Action tab and select Tools→ Preferences→ Signature panel
  2. Deselect the option given “Automatically append signature to bottom of outgoing mail messages”
  3. Click OK.


Lotus Notes signature file is important to add details of Notes email sender by default at the end of every email message. In this article we have discussed the importance of Signature in IBM Notes and procedure to create signature and various settings related to it. Know the method to remove or delete signature and we also tried to provide the possible solution for the error occur due to Lotus Notes signature.


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