Notes ID File to Outlook

How to Read Lotus Notes ID File into Outlook

IBM Notes as an email client delivers robust security feature to access the Lotus Notes Database. In that Lotus Notes ID is one of the essential file which can be called as Backbone of entire NSF data because if it gets corrupted or lost then you cannot read/access your Emails. This ID support to open and read an Encrypted NSF file created by the Domino Administrator. At the time of Lotus Notes installation two types of folder formed called as Data Directory and Program Folder

Program folder stored all installation files while Data Directory holds info about authentic Notes users in the form of a bookmark, database, etc. And Lotus Notes ID file or we can say User.Id file get stored in Data Directory folder. As you have seen To Login Notes you need User ID, so your all details are stored in a User ID file using which Notes identify the authentic users during Login. Because of this file unauthorized receivers are incapable to access user private information. User ID file includes following details:

  • User Name
  • Notes ID password
  • Public Key
  • Private Key
  • Certification Detail
  • Certification exp date
  • Encryption keys

Approach towards Lotus Notes to Outlook Conversion

In today scenario MS Outlook users are increasing gradually because of its regular updated editions which deliver easy maintenance and simple Graphical Interface which aid even nontechnical savvy to understand the features of MS Outlook without any technical support. Also, if any problem persists relates to Hardware and Software, part of Outlook, then it can be easily get solved unlike IBM Notes, in which Technical Expert assistance becomes mandatory to sort out the Hardware/Software issue.

Now here the main difficulty arises when users convert their NSF file to PST file format because the Manual procedure of Lotus Notes to Outlook Conversion is incapable of exporting an entire Notes database which consists of multiple files and folders to Outlook PST format. Moreover during manual conversion if Lotus Notes ID gets affected then entire NSF Emails cannot be accessed or read. So the safety of Notes ID file is obligatory while converting from NSF file to PST file format. Also data can be harmed while executing Manual conversion of Lotus Notes file to Outlook format which affects the ingenuity of the data after conversion. Therefore, while migrating NSF database to Outlook User ID file must be in a healthy state

Suggestion Recommended to Read Lotus Notes ID File to Outlook

It is suggested to use Software thru which you can get rid of all apprehension occur while migrating from Notes to Outlook. Also, once you can use Export Notes Software which exports the NSF database completely by securing the User ID file and rest files after conversion. And you can easily read Lotus Notes Id file with the help of this excellent tool. Export database from Notes to Outlook get rid of the query like how to read Lotus Notes ID file into Outlook. After using this tool, you can easily view NSF files into PST format.