Working Steps of Software

Step by Step Conversion of Software

Analyze the Mention below Steps given with the Screenshots to Guide Users

Step 1

In the very first step Download the software and Install on your system. Given below is the first screenshots.

Step 2

Now select the Add Files or Add Folder to upload the files on software.

Step 3

Once you select the button a window to choose the file will pop up in which you can select the file to merge and click on Open button.

Step 4

As you click on Open button, next window will pop up in which two options to combine NSF files will be seen i.e. Join or Merge.

Step 5

Given below screenshots will show you Advance option before merging i.e. Remove Duplicates & Exclude Deleted Items.

Step 6

If user choose Join option then option to Remove Duplicate items get disable.

Step 7

If you have chosen the Merge option then both the option to Remove Duplicate & Deleted items will be available to choose.

Step 8

Once you click the Join or Merge option, software asks user to select the folder to save the output and click on Open button.

Step 9

Simultaneously a dialog box will be open that will show you a log reports of folders are maintained. Click on close button as it finished.